Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Eggs for Swami and no Laws for Lawyers

Dr. Subramaniam Swamy is not a popular politician and has to live with it. 

Yesterday, rotten eggs were thrown at him inside a court with two helpless judges as the witness by none other than lawyers themselves. (link to news)

The high court rooms are surprisingly small places, most lawyers know each other and seem to be always holding a conversation or two in the sidelines of the court proceedings. Though the large campus can provide for easy escape, it must have been extremely difficult for a small band of lawyers to appear in the court room, manhandle Dr. Swamy and leave without no one noticing the people involved. Yet, no newspaper named even a single lawyer or forum of lawyers. I wonder why. The Judges too have only sent a report to the Chief Justice.

I think coming as it does before our memory fades from the dangerous attack among Law college students, it gives an impression that lawyers don't really care for law  (at least in Tamilnadu) and the violence in the campus was part of the future career training.  

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